“There were around 500,000 theft related crimes against businesses last year and around 53,000 reported arson offences”

The British Crime Survey

A serious breach of security can lead to theft, and vandalism, or in the worst event a malicious fire. There are major hidden costs attaching to an insurance claim, uninsurable losses that insurers cannot cover. A major loss can affect customer and supplier confidence and loyalty, staff loyalty and loss of reputation of the business. These factors can affect the business long after a claim has occurred.

Security is an obvious concern for any business, but it needs to go beyond simply protecting the company property. Good security can prevent theft, malicious damage, and fire. It can also maintain the safety of employees, avoid injury to others who should not be on the premises and manage the access of visitors to your premises.

Key Considerations

  • Attractiveness of stock and equipment
  • Malicious fire and vandalism risk
  • Premises access management
  • Staff and visitor safety
  • Suitable business protection