Cyber Liability

Cyber attack is the fastest growing threat to UK businesses with 52% of SME businesses suffering a Cyber attack in the last 12 months.


Cyber cover for business can be broken down into two areas, first party losses and third party losses.

A first party loss will cover your business for financial loss resulting from any actual or suspected unauthorised access to your system. Typical events include cyber extortion and ransomware demands, system damage and incident response, which involves IT and forensic support for your system as well as legal advice concerning any breach and notifying individuals that may have had their data compromised. Cover can include loss of profit to your business from a breach.

Whilst third party liability claims are less common in Cyber Insurance, it remains important to retain cover to provide cover against transmission of malware to a third party and breach of data, certain regulatory fines and liability for defamation or infringement of intellectual property rights.

Cyber attack is a growing issue for UK businesses and our expert advice can ensure your business is fully protected.


Key considerations

  • Identifying your Cyber exposure
  • Indemnity levels assessment
  • Security checklist
  • Systems review