Welcome to the Claims Section

Imagine having to negotiate with your insurers and their loss adjusters. This does not bear thinking about, especially when you are trying to get your business back on track. At Turner Insurance Group, our in-house claims department can shoulder that burden for you. By harnessing our expertise, you can get back to business, whilst we set about reducing the impact of those ‘hidden’ costs which arise from claims incidents. But, that is not all.

How you present a claim to insurers in the event of a major loss, is critical to a successful outcome. Our in-house advisers make doubly sure you receive everything to which you’re entitled. How? Because, in the event of a large claim, our access to significant professional advice, can be influential in how best to present your claim. So, where does our expertise come in?

From the moment you notify us of a claim, the burden is in our hands. Along the way we will keep you notified of progress. What you will discover is that our well established procedures make for greater efficiency and speed. But more important for your peace of mind, is the influence we can bring to bear in negotiating with insurers, to win the best possible settlement on your behalf.

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