Home & Personal Possessions

Insurers paid £2.9 billion in personal insurance claims last year, with one third of these losses being as a result of fire or theft.

Your home is likely to be your most significant lifetime purchase. Coupled with your home are your personal possessions, jewellery, works of art, collections and other items of value to you and your family.

There are many options available when insuring your home, from package covers with high sum insured limits to bespoke polices for high net worth individuals.

There are several add-ons available to these policies including annual travel cover and holiday home extensions.

Choosing the correct cover requires expert advice to ensure your home and possessions are adequately covered.

Key considerations

  • Basis of cover
  • Assessing sums insured
  • High value possessions and collections
  • Valuations
  • Home security
  • Other properties
  • Annual travel