Goods In Transit

Efficient freight transport is essential to our economy. Over 80% of all freight in the UK alone is carried by road. We depend on it every day to provide us with goods from all over the world at competitive prices

Any goods being transported face an increased risk of loss or damage. Additionally, there is the issue of establishing how damage was caused and by whom.

Transit insurance allows businesses to cover goods sent in the UK by own vehicles or carriers and goods imported from or exported from and to anywhere in the world.

The key to the correct arrangement of any transit cover is ensuring you have the correct basis of cover. Many businesses leave the insurance cover to carriers or freight forwarders, only to discover severe claim time limits and low levels of cover when a claim occurs. Control of the insurance cover for goods being transported is desirable for any business.

Key considerations

  • Contractual responsibility for the goods being sent
  • Indemnity provided by the carrier
  • Time limits on claiming
  • Packing
  • Control of claims
  • Security
  • Risk management