Motor Trade

170,000 people are employed in 44,000 businesses in the sector. The risk of accident or injury in this sector is higher than the whole of the manufacturing sector in the UK

There are a range of unique risks associated with the motor trade and for this reason, insurers provide the motor trade sector with their own specialist policies.

Competitive premiums and very wide cover can be achieved for motor trade businesses, but due to the increased hazards arising out of trade activities, adopting a positive approach to risk management is a must. The cover is split between protecting the assets and profits of the business, the liabilities and the road risks.

The arrangement of the cover requires expert assessment as there are a number of covers only available in this sector which makes motor trade insurance unlike other commercial covers.

Key considerations

  • Business activities
  • Premises
  • Security
  • Authorisation of drivers
  • Use of vehicles
  • Approach to risk management
  • Control of claims