Motor Dealerships Introduce New Precautions

September 15, 2020


As motor dealerships are allowed to reopen, new precautions will need to be taken in order to keep employees and clients safe. Here’s what to expect in the future if you’re in the industry, or if you’re in the market to buy.

Dealerships After Coronavirus

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, dealers may face strict limits on the number of sales appointments that they are allowed to make in order to limit the number of people on-site at the same time.

As such, it is important that the sales team makes the most of every appointment. Employees should be reminding customers regularly about their appointments in order to minimise the number of no-shows.

In addition to making the most out of every possible opportunity to make a sale, the dealership may also want to consider extending its hours. A longer day will allow for more appointments.

Dealerships that lease should also be in contact with their property owner to review property requirements. There also may be a requirement to consider reconfiguring the physical layout of the showroom or utilising storage areas and parking facilities for extra space to allow for better social distancing.

Moving the Showroom Online

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the world. That includes the motor industry. Industry experts expect that dealers will have to reassess how they sell vehicles and that the number of customers who prefer to shop online will rise.

Moving showroom sales and the auction process online will allow dealers a faster, safer and more convenient way to sell while also keeping both employees and customers as safe as possible.

Many dealers have unusually large stockpiles of vehicles that would have normally gone to physical auction, but have not been able to be sold due to the ongoing pandemic. Online sales will allow dealers to sell vehicles safely while also freeing up space in their inventory and therefore reducing your potential storage costs.

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