Guaranteed Hire Car Insurance – Do you need it?

June 23, 2021


Having an accident or a vehicle stolen can be stressful enough without the inconvenience of being off the road whilst it’s being repaired or replaced. What is Guaranteed Hire Car cover, and how can it help you?


Guaranteed Hire Car Cover

Your insurers can help to arrange a courtesy car to use, but there are several things that might affect the type of vehicle you are given, or even if you can get one at all:

  • Fault or non-fault? If you claim is as a result of an incident which is your fault, you aren’t always entitled to a courtesy car. If the claim is as a result of theft, you aren’t entitled to a courtesy car.
  • Does the garage have one available? If the garage your vehicle is repaired at doesn’t have a spare courtesy car, or only has smaller-type vehicles, you will either be left with nothing, or a vehicle which isn’t fit for your purposes.
  • Do you have legal cover? If you do, you can claim for a courtesy car through a third party hire company, however, again, you are limited to what is available.

Having to go through a claims process is already a hassle, and if you have to deal with any of the above as well, it’s just added stress.


Guaranteed Hire Vehicle Insurance will ensure you stay on the road when this happens, with the level of vehicle you expect, regardless of whether your claim is fault or non-fault.

When selecting an option, you can choose between 14 or 28 days cover, during which time, your own vehicle is repaired or replaced. Then you chose the level of vehicle you would like. These come in seven different levels of cover:

  • Class A – e.g. Vauxhall Corsa/Ford Fiesta
  • Class E – e.g. Ford Mondeo/VW Passat
  • MPV – e.g. Ford Galaxy/VW Touran
  • Prestige – e.g. BMW 5 Series/Mercedes E Class/Audi A6
  • Small Van – e.g. Vauxhall Astra Van/Renault Kangoo
  • Large Van – e.g. Ford Transit (SWB or LWB available)
  • Minibus – 12 Seater & 15 Seater available

Having this cover ensures that should the worst happen, you’ll be back on the road in as little time and effort as possible whilst your vehicle is being repaired or replaced, and you receive the type of vehicle you’re accustomed to.

You also don’t have to take this policy out at the same time as your motor insurance. As it’s a completely separate policy, you can start it from whenever you like.

If you think this is something which may benefit you, get in touch with us to discuss your options.

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