Farm & Country Estates

Farm Combined

UK farming contributes £6.6 billion a year to the UK economy, uses around three quarters of the country’s land area, and employs over half a million people

 Our Farmers Combined insurance facilities are exclusive arrangements only available to a select number of specialist agricultural insurance brokers in the UK. Our policies are arranged with a strong understanding and awareness of the unique cover requirements of the farming and estates business.

The scheme will cover you in key areas such as:


  • Farm Property
  • Loss of profits
  • Livestock disease and non-disease
  • Household
  • Livestock in transit

Our Farm Insurance facilities provide bulk purchasing power to ensure competitive insurance rates and wider cover wordings, ensuring longer term competitive insurance arrangements for Farmers.

Key considerations

  • Correct basis of cover
  • Levels of cover
  • Business activities and diversification
  • Control of risk hazards
  • Assessment of livestock risk
  • Compliance with legislation

Historic Houses & Country Homes

Historic homes and country houses, contribute £1.2 billion to the rural economy and employ over 10,000 people in the tourism industry

Historic Houses and Country Homes is an area of personal insurance where every property will have unique insurance requirements. For this reason, expert advice and dealing with people who have a firm understanding of historic and country properties is essential.

Valuation of older properties is vital to ensure the sum insured remains adequate and assessing and minimising the fire risk for older buildings is essential.

For contents insurance, specialist advice will ensure values for antiques, valuables, collections and object d’art are regularly reviewed and agreed sums insured are provided by the policy.

Other covers such as travel, second homes, legal expenses and family and classic cars can be incorporated into our historic home and country house schemes.

Key considerations

  • Values of buildings and contents
  • Location and security
  • Fire assessments
  • Occupancy
  • Collections
  • Cover levels and excesses

Farm Vehicles

One-third of fatalities in the farming industry arise out of the use of farm vehicles and implements. There are many simple and inexpensive steps that can help to prevent these incidents occurring

Vehicle insurances for farms and estates have their own unique features. Cover falls into 4 categories;


  • Private cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles and implements
  • Motorcycles and quad bikes

Single vehicle or fleet

Through our farming motor schemes you can insure your vehicles either individually or on a small farm fleet arrangement covering all vehicles. Specialist advice will enable you to establish the most flexible and competitive cover arrangements.

As with any motor insurance cover, better control of the risks attaching to the vehicles will result in less vehicle downtime and long-term reduced insurance costs for the business.


Key considerations

  • Vehicle suitability
  • Driving authorisation
  • Licence checks
  • Driver health and safety
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair


The UK’s picturesque countryside owes much to the generations of owners and farmers who have helped shape it over the years

Many country estates have conservation schemes on their land. These schemes involve long-term voluntary agreements to manage and enhance the environment.

There are a limited number of insurers offering cover for estates in the UK. As a specialist estates insurance broker, Countryside have access to all of the main providers and the full range of schemes and wider cover wordings available.

Cover can be arranged on a blanket cover basis, for all properties forming part of an estate. This will include diversification of the use of the buildings and special covers to allow damaged buildings to be re-instated on separate parts of the estate and to cover land agent fees.

Key considerations

  • Land and buildings legislation
  • Liability to the public
  • Acreage
  • Activities on the land
  • Diversification
  • Commercial buildings