“An estimated 2.2 million people, suffered from work related ill-health last year and 31,000 major injury claims within the workplace were reported”

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

The duties of the employer under current health and safety law are wide ranging and complex.

Key legal requirements include the assessment of employee health and safety and workplace risks, the planning of preventative measures, the monitoring of health and safety systems and the review of measures implemented.

Health and safety compliance can lead to a more cohesive and efficient workforce. A serious workplace accident can have a devastating impact of workplace morale. For company directors the most serious breach of health and safety legislation can lead to imprisonment.

It is vital that businesses adopt a positive approach to health and safety and risk management.

Key Considerations

  • The written health and safety policy
  • Appointed health and safety manager or external consultants
  • Assessment and recording of workplace risk
  • Assessment of protective equipment needs of employees
  • Implementation of preventative measures
  • Making provisions for young persons
  • Monitoring and review of health and safety systems