“Every day on UK roads, 10 people are killed and 1000 injured and 30% of all deaths and injuries involve someone who is at work. Driving is officially the most dangerous work related activity”

Department of Transport

Risk management for fleets is all about common sense. You look at what might happen, assess the impact of potentially damaging events and take steps to prevent the worst from arising.

The benefits that come from implementing an effective risk management program are self-evident. Loss prevention and damage mitigation plans will reduce:

  • Accident frequency
  • Business interruption
  • Claims costs
  • Overall fleet operating costs

The real benefits of risk management come from minimizing hidden costs such as replacement vehicle hire charges, loss of customer service standards and replacement drivers.

Key considerations

  • Assessing driver health and safety
  • Use of communication systems
  • Licence checks
  • Driver Training
  • Driving Schedules
  • Incentive schemes
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair