“One-third of fatalities in the farming industry arise out of the use of farm vehicles and implements. There are many simple and inexpensive steps that can help to prevent these incidents occurring”

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE)

Vehicle insurances for farms and estates have their own unique features. Cover falls into 4 categories:

  • Private cars
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles and implements
  • Motorcycles and quad bikes

Through our farming motor schemes you can insure your vehicles either individually or on a small farm fleet arrangement covering all vehicles. Specialist advice will enable you to establish the most flexible and competitive cover arrangements.

As with any motor insurance cover, better control of the risks attaching to the vehicles will result in less vehicle downtime and long term reduced insurance costs for the business.

Key considerations

  • Vehicle suitability
  • Driving authorisation
  • Licence checks
  • Driver health and safety
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair