“It is estimated that the hidden financial costs of a motor accident to business are between 4 and 32 times the cost of the actual accident”

Zurich Insurance

Fleet insurance can be the most cost effective and flexible method of insuring your company vehicles. It can provide wide driving cover for both business and personal use. Additionally, very low premiums are achievable for the better managed motor fleet.

The key to maximising the benefits from your fleet insurance is to ensure that you receive fleet management advice. This will help you to reduce claims and the major unseen costs of vehicle downtime which can vary from 4 to 32 times the cost of the actual vehicle claim.

This will help you to achieve your fleet objective of fewer claims, reduced costs and increased profitability.

Key considerations

  • Vehicle suitability
  • Communication systems
  • Licence checks
  • Driver health and safety
  • Driver training
  • Vehicle journey patterns
  • Incentive schemes
  • Vehicle maintenance and repair